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A Bit About Dan 

With more than 30 years experience in place making, local economic development and local food systems, Dan Carmody has a rich and broad array of experience around North America. Check out this cover story Dan recently wrote for Main Street Now.

From ten years in the trenches as a tavern keeper thru twenty years of place making in the second tier industrial cities of the Midwest (Rock Island and Fort Wayne), Dan now operates the largest public market in the city typically selected as the poster child for the post carbon era (Detroit).

Current passions (besides his wife) include melding place making and local food systems development to foster the regeneration of desolate locates be they at the heart of megolopolis or in the middle of nowhere.

Small towns and center city revival are the opposite sides of the same coin and Carmody believes that a resurgent local food system can bring heft and vitality to the task of building success one meal at a time.


Place making, local food systems, event-based marketing, community-based development, pioneering new real estate markets, arts & entertainment district development, and entrepreneurial non-profit management.

A Bit About Vivian

With 8 years of nonprofit leadership experience in the downtown development and tourism worlds, Vivian Carmody is in the unique position of knowing first hand the challenges with which many destinations and nonprofits grapple. Having worked with limited budgets, multiple community partners, a plethora of volunteers, and several Boards of Directors, she has an accurate understanding of both the opportunities and the barriers that they face in the Brand Development process.

Vivian's passion for Brand Development began in 2006 when she began working with Brand Establishment (BE) certified Brand Strategists to unearth an organization's unique Brand Identity. The Brand Development process marries the strategic with the creative - two of her passions in life. By positioning the Brand Identity properly in the marketplace, supporting it with visual applications, and creating a long-term Brand Strategy, Brand Value is increased. While Brand Value is an intangible asset, its assets such as this that make up 72% of a Brand's value today according to BrandFinance, an internationally recognized brand valuation consultancy. That kind of value is worth investing in and nurturing.

With her years of experience in tourism and downtown development, Vivian is in the unique position of not only understanding how "places" function and evolve, but she also understands how to discover and define a unique brand identity and develop it into a Brand Strategy that achieves both internal and external brand adoption. What are the results? Positioning and visual graphics that clearly communicate the Brand Identity and support spot on marketing strategies that achieve measurable results and increase Brand Value.

Vivian has participated in the Brand Development process for clients such as Chicago’s Yorktown Center, the Fort Wayne – Allen County Airport Authority, Olinger Indiana Wine & Spirits Distributors, and Historic Franklin, MI.

Vivian is currently in the process of becoming a certified brand strategist with graduate-level course work through the Brand Establishment, North America’s recognized brand authority and knowledge resource.

Her agency experience also includes managing client accounts with budgets ranging from $10,000 to $1,000,000 plus. Past clients include Tyson Foods, Inc., Zimmer Orthopaedics, and the United Association of Plumbers and Pipe Fitters.