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Since the mid-1990’s Carmody Consulting has provided services to more than 40 communities throughout North America. Typically these services are aimed at helping community development organizations, often Main Street programs, develop new strategies to help propel their communities at higher trajectory. 

Carmody Consulting’s founder, Dan Carmody, has dedicated the last 27 years to improving communities throughout the Midwest where he has led non-profit development organizations in Rock Island, IL, Fort Wayne, IN, and Detroit, MI. 

In 2013, as a response to growing interest from clients interested in a deeper understanding of the brand development and management process, Vivian Carmody joined the firm. Through her association with the Brand Establishment, Vivian is able to offer organizations a process for brand development that produces superior results by focusing on internal and external adoption strategies founded on an inside-out approach that is especially critical for those that seek greater brand value for ambiguous products like downtowns and destinations.

Carmody Consulting’s “Small & Smart” business model offers more value than many in-house, full-service firms. With our extensive pool of experienced and talented strategic partners, we can tailor our expertise to each client’s needs. In addition to years of consulting work, each of our team members has spent a great deal of time in the trenches; we have the “experience” to back up the findings and recommendation that we make.


areas of expertise include:

community-based development

place brand development

local food systems

pioneering new real estate markets

entrepreneurial nonprofit management

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